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[S4E20] The Herb Garden Germination

Sheldon and Amy are having drinks in Sheldon's apartment discussing the news that Howard is going to propose to Bernadette. The general interest that the topic had created among their social circle intrigues the pair and prompts them to begin experiments to study meme theory and the spread of gossip. To begin their experiment, Amy tells Penny that she and Sheldon had sex and that she was thinking of starting an herb garden. Penny tells Raj about Amy and Sheldon after she catches him at the The Cheesecake Factory hitting on Bernadette.

[S4E20] The Herb Garden Germination

Later, Leonard brings home dinner and starts trying to mine Sheldon for information about his relationship with Amy, mentioning off-handedly that he'd just spoken to Raj. Sheldon deflects the questioning, though he provides a few inquiries to ensure that Leonard was discussing the rumors about sex and not the herb garden. After Leonard heads to his room, it's revealed that, during that time, Amy was listening to the conversation via Sheldon's computer. They express surprise at how quickly the information was propagating through the group. By the time dinner happens, Amy has determined that the piece of gossip is known by everyone in their social group, taking less than 24 hours to reach everyone. At dinner, Howard decides to propose there and, to everyone's surprise, Bernadette accepts. Everyone is happy for them except Raj who is crying and disappointed. 041b061a72


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