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Ian Reed

How To Use Sigmakey Without Dongle 70

The original key is read quickly and the ready installation of the blank, without further adjustments and without the use of any tools, make the key cutting cycle quite short. The bitting is read in a few seconds, thanks to the machine's innovative visualisation system, that can recognise and correct automatically the shifts and inclination of the key as against the optimal position. A second, in-depth reading function is also available, that makes it possible to make several corrections, in the case of worn or damaged keys, while the key is being cut.

how to use sigmakey without dongle 70

The GSM shield communicates with an attached Arduino through the Software Serial library. By default, this communication uses digital pins 2 and 3. On the Uno this works without modification, but to use the Leonardo, Yun, or Mega boards, some slight changes are required.


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