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Apparitions (2021) !NEW!

Cardia says her life has been transformed since the apparitions began in 2016. She no longer works but stays at home 24 hours a day, in part because her claims have been rejected by the local townspeople.

Apparitions (2021)

The association accepts donations for the maintenance of the field it owns and where the apparitions allegedly occur. During the coronavirus lockdown, a large gate and fence were added to supplement a video surveillance system, which Cardia said is necessary to prevent vandalism. The field is open regularly, however, for anyone who would like to visit and pray.

At sunrise, these dates are also inverted, so that for morning apparitions of Mercury, the ecliptic makes its steepest angle to the horizon at the autumn equinox, and its shallowest angle to the horizon at the spring equinox.

In the southern hemisphere, apparitions of Mercury which occur when the ecliptic plane is favourably inclined to the horizon also coincide with apparitions when Mercury is close to aphelion. In the northern hemisphere, unfortunately the opposite is true: when the ecliptic plane is favourably inclined, Mercury is close to perihelion.

The plot to the right shows the maximum altitude of Mercury during all its evening apparitions between 2000 and 2050, as observed from a range of different latitudes on Earth. The highest altitudes are seen exclusively from the southern hemisphere. 041b061a72


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