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Blood Money 2012 Sinhala 19

Khul'u is a negotiation initiated by the Sharia court (BAOBAB n.d.). In this type of divorce, the wife pays the husband an agreed sum for her freedom and does not have to give a reason for wanting the divorce (Imam 19 Oct. 2012; BAOBAB n.d.). However, according to the BAOBAB leaflet, the husband often insists on a large sum of money (ibid.). Where there is a dispute over the "ransom", the case will be decided by the court, which would then set the amount to be paid (ibid.). BAOBAB takes note of Sharia court cases that have found that the khul'u payment should "not be more than the original value of the mahr received or promised at marriage" (ibid.). Imam indicated that the amount is normally equivalent to the mahr (Imam 19 Oct. 2012). She also indicated that, in cases of long-term marriages, the wife is required to pay only a "token amount," in addition to court fees she pays as the initiator of the divorce (ibid.).

Blood money 2012 sinhala 19

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