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Data as of 01/29/2020. Offers and availability may vary and are subject to change.*Average of all services except heavy moving. Rounded to the nearest dollar.**Rounded to the nearest ten thousand.


At that point, you can try to work things out with the moving service provider, use your payment code to hire other people, or request a refund. You can process refunds via your customer account (on the website only) and expect your money to be returned within seven business days.

Sometimes, but not always. While you might find professional movers on its marketplace, U-Haul Moving Help makes no guarantee that the moving help services listed use professional workers that are licensed and insured.

Using our clean and fully-equipped 26 ft. moving trucks, our movers pad and stretch wrap all of your belongings for maximum protection during the move. We also use hardwood floor runners, banister and railing covers, door jambs, carpet shields, and mattress bags to limit any potential damages while items are being transported.

Our professionally trained move teams are background checked and drug screened, giving you peace of mind that your items are safe throughout the entire moving process. Additionally, all team members are full-time, professionally trained employees to provide you with the best moving experience possible.

Worried about the cost of your move? Let our customer service representatives walk you through options to keep the costs down while ensuring you still get the same great moving service you can expect from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.

Many are labor-only movers that specialize in loading and unloading services. Others are local moving companies with their own trucks (checkout our ranking of the best moving companies). Booking only what you need is one way HireAHelper saves you tons of money on your move.

Hiring moving labor in conjunction with renting a U-Haul moving truck is a great way to save your back, and reduce your moving costs. This hybrid model is becoming the preferred way to move with Uhaul companies popping up EVERYWHERE!

Not only do you save money, but you can also feel at ease. After all, a lot of moving horror stories revolve around having items withheld. When booking a Uhaul moving truck and hiring moving labor, you stay in possession of your goods at all times!

While DIY moves are becoming more common with the increasing prevalence of Uhauls, many people still need (or want) to hire moving helpers. And why not!? You save a ton of money, reduce the risk for moving scams, and significantly reduce the workload on your shoulders.

Look folks and possible future customers moving help website is a good site and all u need to do is take your time read the reviews and make a wise decision and your moving experience will be fine. Thank you for your time

Unfortunately, when you sign up, you agree that they can kick you off the platform at any time for any reason, and they do not have to tell you why. Really sad for moving companies who use their platform as their primary source of income.

I used uhaul moving help twice this past week. Both worked out great. I thought this was the best thing u-haul has done. Finding movers on my own has been difficult at best.One was in Montgomery,Alabama and the other in Miami. One charged more and had more experience. The other charged less and were not as experienced. My son and I supervised which is a good idea anytime.Both sets of movers were great and took direction to my satisfaction. Would use again.Caution is always advisable and insurance a good idea.

Hi Jeanine! Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear it sounds like they are making things stricter, however a background check, license, car, and a clean background check does not confirm that someone has moving experience. I am also confused on what kind of insurance movers need to have, because when I look at the Movinghelp website it says that movers are not required to have insurance. Could you clarify?Glad MovingHelper is offering insurance (Safeload), however, Safeload is not offered in every state. is, which is why we recommend it. In addition, Safeload has to be purchased and (my understanding is that it) only safeguards you from damage occurring due to a collision.

Do not hire Moving Help of U-Haul. They are fraud. They do not show up, do not provide services and do not refund money. I hired Moving help to unload U-Haul truck. They did not show up. When I called them, they told me to cancel the services. I had to hire another moving services. Had to take another day off. Paid premium for emergency services. Paid one additional day rent of the U-Haul truck. Moving Help will not refund my money. They told me to contact the movers. Movers told me that Moving Help did not pay them money. Moving help gave me a code to give movers when service is completed. Movers did not show up and I did not give them code. Without code they are not paid.

Moving Assistance Services are individually designed services intended to transport a waiver participant's possessions and furnishings. This service can be used when the waiver participant must be moved from an inadequate or unsafe housing situation to a viable environment which more adequately meets the waiver participant's health and welfare needs and alleviates the risk of unwanted nursing home placement. Moving Assistance may also be utilized when the waiver participant is moving to a location where more natural supports will be available, and thus allows the waiver participant to remain in the community in a supportive environment.

Moving Assistance must be included in the SP and may not exceed $5,000 per twelve (12) month period. The SC must obtain three bids from licensed moving companies if the bids are over $1,000. In a unique situation, any requests over $5,000 per twelve (12) month period must be approved by DOH.

A not-for profit or for profit health and human service agency that provides Service Coordination can be approved to provide Moving Assistance. This does not have to be the same agency providing Service Coordination to the participant. Someone other than the SC may be the individual responsible for arranging Moving Assistance. The Service Coordination agency must designate an individual with the necessary competencies to work with subcontractors who will be utilized for Moving Assistance. The Service Coordination agency will subcontract with licensed certified (by NYS Dept. of Transportation) moving companies to provide this service. A participant may choose from the list of Moving Assistance companies from which they will receive the bids.

If you choose to use a professional mover and ASU funds the move, you must use one of the moving companies on the E&I agreement listed below. The E&I agreement gives users access to any Mayflower or United Van Lines authorized moving company. These contracts cover a range of negotiated pricing.

ASU Purchasing and Business Services will not resolve any problems encountered with any vendor other than the moving companies with whom ASU has contractual agreements. Using non-ASU contracted moving companies may not provide adequate protection for damage or the leverage to solve problems. Regardless of how you manage a move, moving expense payments to vendors for ASU employees must follow university policies and procedures.

Regardless of where you live, contact the moving company booking agent listed below to maximize all benefits or discounts and access the E&I Cooperative Services contract. The agent will provide the E&I guaranteed not-to-exceed price estimate and coordinate the entire move with the moving agent in your city of residence. Other booking agents for these moving companies are not authorized to book moves under the E&I contract.

If you're moving to a new home or relocating your office, you're probably worried about how you're going to get it all done. Luckily, Handy is here to help. When you book moving help through the Handy platform, you'll save time, money and the inevitable stress that comes with any big move. Handy will connect you with local house movers who have the skill, experience, and equipment to make your house move go as smoothly as possible. You're responsible for providing your own moving van or truck, but once you've figured that out, Handy will help you figure out the rest. We will help you find professional furniture movers who can help with everything, from the initial packing and wrapping to heavy lifting and unpacking once you reach your final destination.

Note: This service is for moving help, including packing boxes, unpacking boxes, heavy lifting, and loading items into a vehicle. It is not full-service moving and there is no transportation provided.

Too many people learn too late that there's much more to moving than merely packing and unpacking boxes. For house movers on the Handy platform, relocation services are second nature, and they've developed the skills to make it seem effortless. Book professional furniture movers through the Handy platform, and they'll take care of all the work for you, including lifting bulky items and negotiating those awkward corners and angles that you might not be able to yourself.

There's nothing worse than standing out on the front doorstep, waiting for moving help to turn up that no-shows on you. On your moving day, time is of the essence and every minute counts. Book your professional movers through Handy and your packers and movers will turn up on time and ready to get the job done. Handy will work hard to ensure that you connect with the right professional movers who will arrive right when you need them to.

Leon was the greatest!!! I woke up late and he waited for 30 minutes outside my door. He had all the right tools, helped me install my ac unit and put together my bed. He went above and beyond expectations!! I would recommend him to all of my friends and family. He was also super kind and funny. 5 stars is an understatement! 041b061a72


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