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Samsung Scx 4300 Printer

Samsung SCX-4300 is a powerful small Multifunctional Printer Laser. Despite its small dimensions, the SCX-4300 can create 600 x 600 dpi documents at a rate of 19 ppm. They also have a monthly duty cycle of up to 10,000 pages. SCX-4300 is a versatile printer with ID Card mode, Auto Fit, N-up, Clone and Poster copy.

Samsung Scx 4300 Printer

This multi-functional unit will be the command center for the use of your home or small business. This is to perform various functions in the main office quickly, efficiently, compact and attractive enough to fit anywhere. SCX-4300 is also easy to move and fun to use.

Samsung SCX-4300 model is a classic member of the Samsung SCX-4300 series of laser printers for optimum print quality. It has a Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) screen, which supports 16 characters and two lines of the display. The display unit is their support for 16 characters in 2 lines for optimum viewing and compatibility. The monthly duty also is up to 10,000 impressions without compromising the print quality.

In the sleep mode, the Samsung SCX-4300 model consumes up to 10 watts of power. But when the printer is on standby, the power usage is less than 70 watts. However, when it is in full operation, it uses up to 350 watts of energy. The maximum copying speed reaches about 12 pages per minute (ppm). Also, it has a copy resolution of up to 600 x 600 dots per inch (dpi) with a warm-up time of 42 seconds. The Samsung Printer Language (SPL) is workable with this device.

When copying, this machine can enlarge a copy to the extent of 200% of the original document. Conversely, it can also reduce the text to the area of 50% of the original size. All these zoom levels still retain the quality as much as possible. Then, the user can have up to 99 copies of an original document at one print. Some exciting features of the copy function include the 2-up, ID card copy, and the fit to page feature. Download Samsung SCX-4300 driver from HP website

Why toner? Why not call it ink? Regular ink dries quickly, which is why cartridges for inkjet printers do not last long. Laser Printers use toner, which is ink in the form of powder. A sealed toner cartridge can be stored for 2+ years prior to usage.

Overview: This printer is classy and will look perfect in your stylish office. It offers fast printing speeds and produces high quality text and decent graphics. However graphics are of questionable quality. The Samsung SCX-4300 is affordable to maintain and is perfect for you office printing, scanning, and copying.

Cons: The Samsung SCX-4300 lacks quality when printing grayscale graphics. This is seen most clearly when printing photos. They have a course print matrix. Photos with this printer also have micro-banding and details are weak in darker, shadowed areas. Grayscales are the worst and are terrible. It almost looks like they went through the washing machine. Anyone looking to print graphics should consider other printers on the market.

I'm trying to connect my Samsung SCX-4300 multi-function laser printer to my windows 10 64-bit HP laptop. But nothing changes in device manager after plugging in the printer. Tried on another computer and the same result. Changed the formater board, but same issue. I'm able to use the same USB cable to upload programs to an arduno, proving that the cable is working perfectly. Please do help.

  • Laser printer toner cartridge Samsung SCX 4300 blackSamsung 1092 (MLT-D1092S) laser toner cartridgeThis compatible drum unit is an alternative to original product Samsung MLT-D1092S.

  • Yield of compatible laser toner is defined at 5% coverage - similarly as for OEM products.

  • The print quality is compared with the original toners.

Samsung SCX 4300 black toner cartridge

Hi everyone. I installed Arch Linux today. Everything is fine except printer. I am using Samsung SCX-4300 printer and scanner. Scanner works fine but CUPS doesn't see the printer. I can't see anything on CUPS web interface's Local Printers area. Here is a screenshot.

One other thing is that if you want your printer to be discoverable as a cups remote printer on your local network you will need avahi-daemon running on the server to which the printer is attached, as well as on any machine which needs to see it - check the arch wiki on how to set that up if you need it.

@mcloaked Thanks so much for this answer! I created a file to /etc/udev/rules.d/71-scx4300.rules. Added the line which you wrote down and configured for me. After that I rebooted the system and I saw my printer at CUPS page. I used Samsung's filter and ppd files and problem solved. Now printer and scanner working great together. Thanks so much again!

Great - and one comment - yes I also originally used the samsung files - but now I use the splix driver - which seems to work well. I do have the samsung raster file though and perhaps I should have mentioned that in my initial reply. Glad you got it working.

The Samsung SCX 4300 is an all-in-one laser printer designed for bulk print jobs. However, to get proper performance from this printer you must use drivers of Samsung SCX 4300 software CD. Or else, you can download and install the Samsung SCX 4300 driver package online.

We are sharing Samsung SCX 4300 driver download links for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2003 and Server 2016 for 32-bit and 64-bit versions, Linux and Mac operating systems. The free download links on this page provide a universal driver for this printer, which means they include inf driver, twain driver and scanner driver.

Fully compatible drivers for this printer can be found on the official Samsung website. However, searching the right driver on that site can be cumbersome. Therefore, we are providing single click download links of the official full feature Samsung SCX 4300 drivers on this page.

Whenever printer manufacturer finds bugs in their driver they release its newer version after removing those bugs. Therefore, you must install these new driver versions on your computer to ensure the best performance of your printer.

Samsung SCX 4300 Scanner Driver. Samsung SCX 4300 is an excellent printer with scan and copy abilities. It is straightforward to install and start using it. If you want to print your document, this unit can support different types of documents. The quality of the published papers is fantastic. You can also copy the documents for your record-keeping purposes.

This printer is available at a reasonable price on Amazon, so that you can order it from there. The Samsung SCX-4300 Laser Multifunction Printer series device has a flatbed scanner which makes scanning your papers easier than any other model. Using this feature, you can save money by checking only those required pages and not all the forms used in your project or document.

As a user of a Samsung SCX4300 printer, you may come across the need to install the Samsung SCX 4300 Scanner Driver. In this article, we will describe a few methods for you to download the driver and get your Samsung SCX4300 Printer and scanner working.

The driver interface is best described as Standard. The program takes little time to install. Compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems, the Samsung SCX 4300 Series driver has a Windows 7 driver available at Yahoo. The Samsung SCX-4300 scan software works with the Twain and TWAIN standards.

The scanner will take any image and transform it into a 300 dpi pdf file within a few seconds of scanning. It is easy to use and supported by other software in addition to the included Samsung SEP Samsung scx-4300 series driver. 350c69d7ab


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