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Bengali Film Sikandar Full Movie !FREE! Downloadl

At the 26th Filmfare Awards, it was nominated for nine Filmfare Awards, including Best Film, but did not win in any category.[6] It was remade into the Telugu film Prema Tarangalu (1980),[7] and in Tamil as Amara Kaaviyam (1981).[8] The movie was the last movie of Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna.

Bengali Film Sikandar Full Movie Downloadl

Dilawar in the meantime has formed an alliance with Sikandar's arch enemy, J. D. (Ranjeet), and upon learning of Zohra's death hatches a plan to destroy Sikandar and his family. Kaamna and Mehroo are both preparing for their weddings; J. D. and his henchmen kidnap Mehroo but Vishal follows them and rescues her. Dilawar kidnaps Kaamna, but Sikandar follows him. He rescues Kaamna and sends her home while he fights Dilawar. In the final battle, both Dilawar and Sikandar are mortally wounded and Dilawar is surprised to learn that Sikandar never loved Zohra. A dying Sikandar reaches the wedding of Kaamna and Vishal. Just as the wedding ceremony is completed, Sikandar collapses. His dying words inadvertently reveal his love for Kaamna, and Vishal sings him a reprise from the movie's theme song: "Life is going to betray you someday... Death is your true love as it will take you along..." Sikandar's entire life flashes before him and he dies in Vishal's arms just as the song is completed. The film ends with the wedding having become a funeral.


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