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Gang 2000 Hindi Movie Part 1

Gang Songs Lyrics & Videos: Gang is a 2000 Bollywood Hindi movie directed by Mazhar Khan and produced by Mazhar Khan and Bharat Shah under the banners Universal Music. The film, starring Jackie Shroff, Nana Patekar, Kumar Gaurav, Jaaved Jaffrey and Juhi Chawla was released in theatres on 14 April 2000. Gang songs are composed by R. D. Burman and Anu Malik, while Javed Akhtar wrote its lyrics. Check out Gang songs list with lyrics and music videos below.

Gang 2000 Hindi Movie Part 1

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On 25 August 2000, a vehicle patrol consisting of 11 soldiers of The Royal Irish Regiment and one Sierra Leonean soldier entered the territory of a vicious armed gang known as the West Side Boys. The patrol was surrounded and forced to surrender.

Examples of G2G Initiatives. One example of a G2G e-government initiative is the Northeast Gang Information System (NEGIS). NEGIS issponsored by the Department of Justice and serves as a shared resource for street gang informationfor states in the northeast, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, and NewYork. It includes information such as gang-related activities, gang intelligence, and a referencelibrary. NEGIS connects the state police departments of the participant-states, which, in turn,transmit the information to the states' other law enforcement agencies.

Motivating Forces Behind the G2B Sector. There are two primary forces driving the G2B sector. The first is the business community. In manyindustries, the use of electronic means to carry out various activities, such as procurement, sales, andhiring is commonplace. For example, the auto industry created an electronic business exchangecalled Covisint in fall 2000. Covisint provides an online environment for automakers and partssuppliers to buy and sell goods, share information, and collaborate on new products. (16) In addition,the software industry is producing an ever-growing number of products focused on moving routinebusiness activities online. Many companies would like to extend the cost savings realized in theirbusiness-to-business (B2B) transactions to their business with federal, state, and local governments(B2G).

Examples of G2C Initiatives. Although many examples of G2C initiatives can be found at the local and state level, there are also examples at thefederal level. One of these examples is the establishment of the FirstGov Web site. (28) FirstGov, apublic-private partnership, is administered by GSA. Established in September 2000, FirstGov isdesigned to serve as the online portal (29) for 51million pages of government information, services, andonline transactions. According to the Web site, FirstGov "has the most comprehensive search ofgovernment anywhere on the Internet." Its creators also hope that FirstGov will serve as "the catalystfor a growing electronic government."

Improved National Information Infrastructure. A fourth possible benefit of the drive to implement e-government initiatives is the improvement ofthe national information infrastructure (NII). During the years leading up to the Y2K rollover, therewas growing concern over the protection of NII. As part of the efforts to address the Y2K problem,former President Clinton released Presidential Decision Directive No. 63. "The Directive sets upgroups within the federal government to develop and implement plans that would protectgovernment-operated infrastructures and calls for a dialogue between government and the privatesector to develop a National Infrastructure Assurance Plan that would protect the nation's criticalinfrastructures by the year 2003." (34) Followingthe successful handling of the Year 2000 (Y2K)problem, attention began to wane again. However, the events of September 11, 2001 havere-invigorated the sense of urgency to focus interest in NII issues. On October 16, 2001 PresidentBush signed Executive Order 13231, which outlines the Administration's policies and objectives forcritical infrastructure protection and reiterates many of the provisions in PDD-63. This heightenedawareness, along with the effort to make many government services available online, could renewinterest in the NII and lead to its further development to accommodate the resource needs of theseinitiatives. By extension, additional investment in NII could lead to increased attention toinformation security issues and the development of new technologies.

Several lines of evidence support the idea that, in macrophages, IFN-γ induces an early delay in phagosome maturation. It has been observed that, in IFN-γ-activated macrophages, there is a delay in the progression of phagosomes to phagolysosomes (Tsang et al., 2000). The acidification rate, proteolytic activity (Yates et al., 2007) and the acquisition of LAMP-1, lysozyme-C and β-hexosaminidase (Jutras et al., 2008; Trost et al., 2009) by early phagosomes is reduced by IFN-γ. Here, we provide functional evidence indicating that the reported delay in maturation and proteolytic activity is, in part, due to increased levels of Rab20 in phagosomes. Rab20, in turn, transiently recruits Rabex-5, thereby increasing the levels of active Rab5a on phagosomal membranes. Compelling evidence also indicates that the early phagosomal delay has an important physiological function. In macrophages, relative slow phagosomal acidification and antigen degradation is crucial for efficient peptide antigen cross-presentation (Jutras et al., 2008; Trost et al., 2009). Even very subtle differences in acidification have a profound impact on proteolysis events occurring in phagosomes (Jiang et al., 2012). Our observations support the idea that small temporal changes mediated by Rab20 during phagosome maturation result in crucial changes in its function. However, the relevance of Rab20 function to antigen presentation or other phagosomal activities remains to be demonstrated. We postulate that IFN-γ has at least two effects on phagosomal functions; one is the relatively early delay in phagosome maturation and the second, operating later, is the enhancement of phagosomal maturation. In this context, Rab20 contributes to the early phagosomal functions of IFN-γ (supplementary material Fig. S3).


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