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The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is India’s premier investigating agency. It is a federal agency that operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions of the Government of India. CBI’s full form is the Central Bureau of Investigation.

The CBI is responsible for investigating corruption and other serious crimes, such as those related to terrorism, counterfeiting, smuggling, and economic offenses. It is also responsible for coordinating with other law enforcement agencies in India and abroad.

What is the Central Bureau of Investigation? (CBI Full Form)

The CBI was established in 1941 as the Special Police Establishment (SPE) to investigate bribery and corruption in transactions with the War and Supply Department of India. In 1946, the SPE was made a permanent body and given the name Central Bureau of Investigation.

The CBI is headed by a Director, who is appointed by the Government of India. The Director is assisted by a team of officers from the Indian Police Service and other law enforcement agencies. The CBI has its headquarters in New Delhi and regional offices in several states.

The CBI is empowered to investigate cases of corruption, bribery, and other serious crimes. It has the authority to investigate cases involving public servants, including those in the higher echelons of government. It can also investigate cases involving private individuals and organizations.

The Role of the Central Bureau of Investigation in India

The CBI plays a vital role in the investigation and prosecution of complex crimes in India. It is the only agency that has the power to investigate and prosecute cases related to corruption, economic offenses, cybercrime, terrorism, and other serious offenses.

The CBI is also responsible for the investigation of cases related to human trafficking, money laundering, and illegal arms trafficking. The agency has a wide network of offices in different parts of the country and works in close coordination with other law enforcement agencies. It also works with international agencies to investigate and prosecute transnational crimes.

The CBI has a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced investigators who are equipped with the latest tools and technology to carry out their investigations. The agency also has a team of experienced prosecutors who are responsible for prosecuting the cases in the courts. The CBI also has a wide range of powers to investigate and prosecute complex crimes.

The Powers and Limitations of the CBI

Power –

The CBI has the power to investigate any offence that is committed within India, or by a citizen of India outside of India. It can also investigate offenses committed by a foreign citizen or company in India. The CBI is also empowered to investigate offenses related to the security of the state, terrorism, and offenses related to the economy.

The CBI has the power to investigate any offence committed in India and can take over the investigation of any case from any other investigative agency. It can also investigate offenses committed by any public servant, including officers of the Central or State Governments.

Limitations –

However, the CBI has certain limitations. It cannot investigate offenses committed by members of the armed forces, or offenses committed in Jammu and Kashmir, or offenses committed by foreign citizens or companies outside of India. Furthermore, the CBI does not have the power to investigate offenses committed in foreign countries.


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