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Easton Green
Easton Green

HD Online Player (denon Mc3000 1 2 Skin For Virtual Dj)

im selling the mc2000 i bought it new in march 2013 and using it everyday it has never missed a beat and it has a suplemento cream for any scratches you go over you can put the cover on again its been perfect its only 8 hours old i had it resized and replaced most of the buttons with blue translucent buttons they worked great i also have the 4 blue button scs3000 connectors that came with it and a emu 8i8 and if you dont have the other ones you dont have to have them at all they are not necessary for the mc2000 you just need the ones that match the mc2000 and you plug them into the connector and plug them into the port on the speakers and the transmitter plug on the mc2000 (recommended) i have the composite plug and the phono plug both of them work fine so there are no problems and i have tested the volume control with both of them it works fine as well as the pitch control they both work very well i have used and sold all of my denons without a problem and have replaced all of them with other brands of music players/cd players etc. i have a 4 track deck so my decks are the djs and the tc hs1 deck is actually the master deck it controls all of my other decks but it does have its flaws a few things that will likely make it end up in the trash box because im sure theres someone out there that already knows how to fix them. 1) the get-off button is on the back of the deck it is a hand tool type so you have to push it with your index finger it doesnt press it like a normal button you have to push it and hold it to get it to stay down it will fall off if you move your finger up theres no solution to this as of yet besides realigning the deck and even then the mounting holes to get the secure placing of the deck may have to be adjusted to make it work. 2) the screws that mount the decks to the deck plate are 3mm screws and they are 1/4 by 7/16 so if your deck is off level you may have to loosen them a little and reposition the screws to work.

HD Online Player (denon mc3000 1 2 skin for virtual dj)


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